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Aerate, aerate and … aerate

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The weather has been wonderful in the past few days, with temperatures topping 30 degrees in some places. Of course, we all enjoy this beautiful summer weather. But a few days of summer can raise the temperature of your pond water as well. Every pond owner needs to be on… Read more

Checklist: pond & holidays

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The holiday season is here again and, like every year, many of us will be away for a few weeks. Either in our own country or in a more exotic location. But what about your pond while you are away, and the fish that live in it? We have drawn… Read more

What can you do now to prevent algae this summer?

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You can find hundreds of tips and ideas on the Internet to prevent algae in your pond. But what can you do today to keep your pond algae-free this summer? We have three important steps that you can take immediately. But we would first like to explain what algae actually… Read more

Tips for feeding fish properly

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The weather is brightening up again: we are sitting next to the pond more. And feeding your fish can be an enjoyable, and even spectacular, activity. Some fish literally jump out of the water. Feeding our fish is the only time we interact with them. So we tend to do… Read more

Pond Test App for your smartphone or tablet

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FREE Pond Test App for your smartphone or tablet The Velda Pond Test app determines your water parameters in seconds – with great simplicity, speed and precision. Pond professionals and hobbyists can simply determine water values and save them on the Water Test App. Subsequently the user will receive a… Read more

Test the water measure to be sure

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Using Aqua Test Strips you can determine quickly and simply the 6 most important water values, the acidity, the total hardness, the carbonate hardness, the nitrite, nitrate and chlorine content.   Available from spring 2016. If you want to know exactly when? Sign up to our Pond new and we… Read more

Water test is the basis for a healthy pond

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Using the Velda Aqua Tests, all water values can be determined quickly and accurately. Aqua Test Set pH-GH-KH measures accurately pH, GH and KH Aqua Test NH¾ measures accurately ammonium / ammonia Aqua Test NO2 measures accurately nitrite Aqua Test NO3 measures accurately nitrate Available from spring 2016. If you want… Read more

Solar powered light balls

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Enjoying, still long after sunset, the particular atmosphere round the water garden, who does not want that! The multi coloured floating light balls are working on solar power, without a plug! Colour and light intensity of the RGB-leds are adjustable with the distance control to personal taste. At night this… Read more

Unforgettable atmosphere on the water

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The floating lantern is inspired on the budddhist custom to honour the spirits of deceased ancestors with water lanterns. Constructed from wood and glass, with space for a small candle or a tea-warmer. Using a number of lanterns, the pond or water garden will be attractively lighted. Floating Lanterns are… Read more

Creating atmosphere both hanging and standing

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If you lack the room for a pond, you can still enjoy beautiful water plants on your terrace, balcony or inside your home with the new hanging water bags. Just fill them with tap water and enjoy your water plants or cut flowers in this special way. And of course… Read more

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