Biofit pond cure

Brings the pond in top condition again

Biofit pond cure

After a long winter period the condition of fish and pond environment is strongly reduced. This will often result in fish mortality and turbid water in early spring. To prevent this damage caused during winter you can add Biofit to the pond water during the months of February, March and April.

  • Available in packagings of 250, 500 and 1000  ml

The active ingredients of Biofit will reinforce the mucous layer of the fish and will keep the water limpid. Besides, Biofit neutralizes harmful the organic substances which have accumulated in the pond during the winter season. 

As referred to above, in practice many ponds are sunk in spring and in summer. Consequently it is important to take care that the water will remain limpid during a prolonged period of time. To achieve this, Velda has composed the quite effective preparation Biofit. Biofit allows to keep the water of new sunk ponds or ponds, the water of which has been refreshed, limpid  for a long time. In order to maintain a natural balance in the pond in the long run and along with that beautiful limpid water, as many water plants as possible should be applied from the very start when sinking the pond. Biofit will keep the water limpid during a certain time. After that, the plants should be able to undertake this job. Biofit dechlorinates fresh water and besides it gives additional protection to the fish in the pond by the fact that it also contains vitamin B.