Trendy Pond outdoor

Trendy Pond outdoor: find out about the new shape

Trendy Pond outdoor

  • ColourAnthraciet
  • ColourBlauw
  • ColourBlauw
  • ColourAnthraciet
  • ColourZwart

After the great success of the Trendy Ponds, there is a new design now: smart and sturdy! Besides, the coloured materials have been attuned to the latest trends for autumn and spring. The colourful Trendy Ponds outdoor, made from outdoor textiles will provide the right atmosphere in the garden, balcony or indoors throughout the year.

Trendy Pond outdoor:
Ø 50 cm / 25 litres | black | pink | grey | blue | anthracite
Ø 40 cm / 15 litres | pink | blue | anthracite

Wide choice
Available in various colours, so there is a variant for any taste and style.

Clear water and healthy fish
Aqua Clear, the remedy which makes tap water suitable for mini ponds and water ornaments. It prevents algal growth and keeps fish in good condition.

Your water sensation will be ready in 4 steps:
1. Put substrate on the bottom.
2. Fill with water and water improver.
3. Put plants in it.
4. Add fertilizer and ready!

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