Water Wall

Atmosphere for your wall and balcony

Water Wall

  • Suitable for2 litres
  • Suitable for2 litres

The Water Wall is a hanging plant bag made of strong textile which can hang from a balcony, on a fence or on a wall. It is inspired by a bag. Owing to its round forms and curved stitch seams the bulging of the waterproof bag is emphasized and the Water Wall gets a soft aura.

  • The bag may hang from a fence, an outer or inner wall and with the available balcony hooks from a rail or rim.
  • Made from strong sturdy textile on the outside and lined with pond foil inside.
  • Several colours are available: grey and black.
  • Fitted with eyes for easy hanging.
  • Hanging outside in summer and inside in winter…. enjoy throughout the year!

TIP: Ideal for water plants, but it is also nice with regular plants or cut flowers. Two small plants will fit side by side so that nice combinations can be made.

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