inlay cloths for coarse plant baskets

Cloth Liner

Cloth Liner

  • Suitable for100 pieces in display
  • ColourZwart
  • Suitable for60 pieces in display
  • ColourZwart
  • Suitable for30 pieces in display
  • ColourZwart
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Inlay cloths of Velda are used in combination with plastic plant baskets. They prevent the soil from being rinsed out and the roots from growing rank. The cloths are made from durable material so that they can be used for many years.

  • Suitable for plant baskets.
Product Packaging Suitable for Plant Baskets of
Cloth Liner 45×45 cm 11×11, 13×10, 22×12, 19×19 cm
Cloth Liner 60×60 cm 23×23, 28×28, 35×35 cm
Cloth Liner 90×90 cm 35×35, 45×20, 40×30, 40×40 cm

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