floating pond aeration on solar power

Silenta Solar Air Float

Silenta Solar Air Float

2 years of warranty
  • Opbrengst pomp150 l/h
  • Vermogen 1 Watt
  • Voltage6 Volt
  • Slang0,5 m
  • LuchtsteenØ 20 mm
  • IP65

Floating pond aeration on solar power

The Silenta Solar Air Float works on solar power; without a plug, so no energy costs!

  • Oxygen-rich water in the summer for fish, plants and bacteria.

Switch with three options:

A: day mode, the air pump only operates in case of sufficient sunlight. Any surplus of energy is stored in the rechargeable battery.

O: charging mode, the air pump is switched off, the battery is charged.

B: night mode, the air pump only operates in darkness. In case of sufficient sunlight the battery is charged and the air pump is switched off. 

Simply place the device on the pond surface and the aeration will start automatically.

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