heater and freezing preventer for the pond or the filter

Pond Heater

Pond Heater

2 years of warranty
  • ColourAnthraciet
  • Power300 Watt
  • Frequency50 Hz
  • Voltage220 - 240 Volt
  • Cable length10 m
  • TÜVYes
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This pond heater offers the possibility to use the filter equipment also during the winter season. The advantages of this are evident: clear water also in winter, a stable biological balance and no recoil in early spring, whereas during a period of frost, the pond will locally remain frost-free.

Advantages for your fish and the biological functioning of the pond:

  1. Supply of oxygen
    During a period of frost, the pond will locally be kept frost-free, no matter its size or water capacity. Consequently the water will remain oxygen rich.
  2. Harmful gases will disappear
    Harmful gases can escape from the pond water through the ice-free hole.
  3. Development of micro-organisms
    During the winter period the water will remain a fraction warmer than it would be normally. This will stimulate the development of micro-organisms.

Tip! The use of heating in Velda filters
The Velda pressure and flow filters are offering the possibility to insert a heater. The heating element with the specially constructed screw cap can be screwed simply and watertight in the filter. Suitable filters are all versions of Cross-Flow Biofill, Giant Biofill XL and Clear Control 50/75/100.

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