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Silenta Pro

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In order to obtain a proper biological environment, in which fish and plants can excellently thrive, it is necessary for many garden ponds to install an aeration facility in the water. Especially in summer, when the water temperature will rise, lack of oxygen often occurs. The fish will swim to the surface to gasp for air. Also when in winter the pond will freeze over, fish mortality often occurs. Aeration of the water brings relief in that case. It provides oxygen to the water and will prevent the pond from getting frozen all over.

These aeration pumps have been made especially for Velda. They combine a tremendous air yield with excellent quality and lifetime. The pumps are universally usable and are frequently applied for the aeration of ponds, however, they are also very suitable for aquaria. The diameter of the hose liner is 8 mm. Silenta Pro aeration pumps are supplied including a ‘Giant’ aeration stone and 5 m of reinforced aeration hose of 8 mm. Owing to the high pressure several aeration stones can be connected at the same time.

To obtain a good biological environment, in which fish and plants thrive excellently, it is necessary for many garden ponds to apply aeration in the pond water. Aeration produces oxygen and keeps water moving, thus allowing optimum bacterial development and a correct equilibrium in the pond.

Especially during the summer period, when the temperature of the water rises, often lack of oxygen occurs. When fish swim to the surface area of the water to gasp air, this indicates already that there is lack of oxygen in the water. Aeration of the water will bring relief then.

Death of fish regularly occurs in the winter season, when garden ponds freeze over. Especially in small and shallow ponds there is a great risk that, after freezing, choking will occur. Aeration will produce oxygen in the first place, however, it will also prevent the pond from freezing all over.

Product Model   Pressure Yield
Silenta Pro 1200 15 Watt 0,020 MPa 1,200 l/h
Silenta Pro 1800 25 Watt 0,025 MPa 1,800 l/h
Silenta Pro 3600 35 Watt 0,030 MPa 3,600 l/h
Silenta Pro 4800 65 Watt 0,035 MPa 4,800 l/h
Silenta Pro 6000 80 Watt 0,038 MPa 6,000 l/h

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