flexible skimmer for a clean water surface

Ultra Skimmer

Ultra Skimmer

2 years of warranty
  • Suitable formax. 100 m2
  • Max. recommended pump15000 l/h
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Floating debris such as leaves, twigs and feed residue inhibit pond fun. Not only the view of the pond and the fish is disturbed, but also the biological balance. This organic material eventually sinks to the bottom of the pond, being a nutrient source for algae. That’s something you want to avoid. This free-standing Ultra Skimmer keeps the water surface of the pond clean at all times.

Connect the hose socket to the pump inlet of a pond pump (not included), weigh down the base with stones and place it in the pond. The elastic tube makes the Ultra Skimmer suitable for any pond. Ideal in combination with the energy-efficient Green Line 8000 pond pump from Velda.

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