SaniKoi LiquiBac

A natural equilibrium

SaniKoi LiquiBac

In newly installed filter systems and / or newly sunk ponds it may last as many as four or six months before micro-organisms and bacteria have sufficiently increased in order to reach a balanced environment. Using LiquiBac you can reduce this period considerably. The “Bacillus Spp” bacteria present in liquid can be simply added to the filter material.

  • Removes harmful substances like ammonia and nitrite.
  • Optimum adhesion to filter material.
  • Provides a stable pond environment after using medicine.
  • Reduces the nitrate level.
  • Ensures healthy and clear pond water.
  • Removes organic soil dirt.

Available in:

  • 250 ml for 25.000 litres of water.
  • 500 ml for 50.000 litres of water.
  • 1000 ml for 100.000 litres of water.

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