flake food for all kinds of pond fish

Gold Flakes Fish Food

Gold Flakes Fish Food

  • Contains colourantsYes
  • Contains antioxidantsYes
  • Contains preservativesYes
  • 3a672a Vitamin A2063 IU/kg
  • 3a311 Vitamin C (stable)50 mg/kg
  • 3a671 Vitamin D3282 IU/kg
  • 3a700 Vitamin E40 mg/kg
  • Crude protein20 %
  • Crude fat2 %
  • Crude fibre1.3 %
  • Crude ash3 %
  • Phosphorus0.56 %
  • Calcium0.3 %
  • Sodium0.1 %
  • 3b107 Iron (chelate of protein hydrolysates)12 mg/kg
  • 3b202 Iodine (calcium iodate, anhydrous)1 mg/kg
  • 3b407 Copper (chelate of protein hydrolysates)1 mg/kg
  • 3b505 Manganese (chelate of protein hydrolysates)4 mg/kg
  • 3b612 Zinc (chelate of protein hydrolysates)12 mg/kg
  • Compositionwheat flour, yeast , wheat, soya dehulled (extracted, toasted), fish meal, maize gluten, poultry meal, wheat gluten, lucerne protein concentrate, lecithin, monocalcium phosphate, wheat germ, pepper, spirulina
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Gold Flakes Fish Food of Velda is a flocky feed which is easily digestible. All kinds of ornamental pond fish are fond of it. It is a balanced feed, which is composed of fish products and vegetable proteins. For optimum condition and large resistance, the feed has been fortified with additional vitamins, including stabilised vitamin C. It is a floating main feed, which can be used at water temperatures of 10 °C and above. It is suitable for all kinds of ornamental pond fish, like gold fish, gold orfes and cypriniformes. Administer a quantity of fish feed that will be eaten within 5 minutes and do so a number of times a day. Owing to the special composition of the feed the water will not get turbid whereas pond environment and filter will almost not be polluted.

  • Available in tins of 1.25, 2.5 and 4 litres.

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