electric fence to protect the garden against intruders

Garden Protector

Garden Protector

2 years of warranty
  • Suitable forfor 40 m
  • ColourAnthraciet
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The Garden Protector protects your garden or aviary against unwanted intruders. By stretching a harmless electric wire, you prevent cats, dogs, and other animals from entering your garden or aviary. The transformer gives off a low (and harmless) electric pulse to the wire around your garden. Touching the fences scares off unwanted animals, causing them to avoid your garden in the future.


1 transformer with cord and plug.

10 metal insulators 18.5 cm high.

10 screw insulators 3.5 cm high.

80 meters of electric (wire) fence.

5 meters pulse wire (red).

5 meters grounded wire (green).

1 metal grounded pin of 55 cm.

1 plastic sack with connectors and fastening screws.

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