reflecting floater to scare away herons and pigeons

Heron Stop Reflector

Heron Stop Reflector

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The Heron Stop Reflector protects your pond fish with a double effect.
• By the picture showing the bird of prey eyes.
• By the glittering of the silver-coloured floating ball.

Herons will be frightened away by these effects and do not dare to approach the pond any more. These design products are a treat for the eye of people, however, they are an enemy for herons and pigeons!

During launching rockets a similar principle is used to keep birds away. Let this unique Heron Stop Reflector float in your pond in order to cause a direct deterrence. The floating ball with bird of prey eyes will prevent herons from visiting your pond once again and from snatching your valuable fish away up to the last specimen.


  • For larger ponds several floating balls can placed on the water surface of a pond, if necessary.
  • The Heron Stop Reflector can also be applied as a pigeon scarer, for example on a balcony or in fruit trees. To this end you are advised to hang the ball on a nylon string in those places where pigeons are staying.

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