automatic feeding system for all pond fish

Fish Feeder Easy

Fish Feeder Easy

2 years of warranty

The Fish Feeder Easy automatically feeds your pond fish the appropriate amount up to 4 times a day. Besides the preset feeding schedule, additional feeding is possible at any time: just press the button. After a power failure (from 1 to 1.5 hours), feeding resumes automatically. During holidays and time away, but also in bad weather conditions, your fish will not be forgotten.

Fish digest food quickly, so they benefit from several small portions of food per day. They grow well and stay healthy with a regular diet. Large portions are not eaten in full. Fish food sinks to the bottom and contaminates the pond, adversely affecting water quality.

  • Sturdy stand with peg for easy installation of the automatic feeder
  • Buttons for frequency and amounts, easily accessible and easy to operate
  • Watertight 2.5-litre feed container, partially transparent in order to check feed level
  • Fine and coarse dosage screw for different sizes of granules, pellets and sticks

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