bacterial emulsion for cleaning pond filters

Bacterial Filterclean

Bacterial Filterclean

  • Suitable forfor 3 months
  • Suitable forfor 6 months
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Filter cleaning without chemicals!

  • Bacteria do the cleaning of your pond filter
  • Dirt in the filter will disappear
  • Water flow improves
  • Better filter capacity
  • Suitable for all pond filters
  • 100% biodegradable

The bacteria in Bacterial Filterclean clean the pond filter, without effort and without getting your hands dirty! Pour these liquid bacteria into the pond filter over areas where dirt accumulates. While the filter continues to operate, the bacteria begin to biodegrade dirt.

Dosage: apply 50 ml (= 2 measuring cups) in the filter (water temp. > 10°C). Repeat the dose every 3 weeks. 

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