for the starting up of biological filters

Bacterial Filterstart

Bacterial Filterstart

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Buying this packing, containing Bacterial Filterstart, you have come into possession of a culture of micro-organisms in freeze-dried form. When Bacterial is added to a pond filter that is in operation, billions of nitrifying bacteria will come into being within 24 hours. Although their size is very minuscule indeed, these bacteria are indispensable for almost any form of life on earth. This also applies to garden ponds, for nitrifying bacteria are playing an important role in decomposing (i.e. demineralizing) organic constituents. Besides enzymes and moulds, these bacteria take care that organic waste material will be converted into nutrients for water plants. A biologic filter plays an important role here.


The importance of Bacterial to the pond

If a new filter is installed or if an existing filter is equipped with new materials, we may assume that it will take at least 6 or 8 weeks before a sufficient number of micro-organisms have come into being. However, in to order to achieve that a biologically functioning filter will be obtained as quickly as possible, Bacterial Filterstart, should be added to the filter substrates. Almost at once this will have a favourable effect on the biological balance in the pond.

 1 packing of Bacterial Filterstart contains 25 ml. This will be sufficient to start up filters up to a contents of 1,000 litres. In smaller filters 1/3 should be applied. An overdose is no problem. You just distribute the quantity required over the upper filter substrate.

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