Suitable for measuring pond and aquarium water

Aqua Test Set pH-GH-KH

Aqua Test Set pH-GH-KH

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Velda Aqua Tests determine the quality of pond and aquarium water quickly and accurately.

A useful application is the Pond Test App for smartphone or tablet. After entering the values, you will receive a crystal clear pond diagnosis and tips for improvement from Velda, attuned to your pond situation. The test results are saved to build up a picture of how the pond is developing.

  • pH Test measures the degree of acidity of fresh and salt water using a colour chart and comparator. A value above pH 8,5 will stagnate plant growth and a value less than pH 7 is harmful for your fish.
  • GH Test measures the general hardness of fresh and salt water with an accuracy of 1 °GH. Values less than 8 °GH will slow down the growth of pond plants and may cause acidification, especially in winter.
  • KH Test measures the carbonate hardness of fresh and salt water with an accuracy of 1 °GH. Values less than 6 °GH indicate acidification of the pond and stagnation of oxygen producing plants.

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