measures accurately the pH, GH and KH of the pond water

Pond Test Set

Pond Test Set

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For the quick and accurate measurement of the pH, CH and JH values of the pond water.

pH-value: A favourable pH value ranges between 7 and 8. Usually plant growth will leave nothing to be desired in that case, whereas the water will be limpid. Relatively high pH values of 8.5 and higher, usually indicate a lack of CO2 in the pond water. This will certainly be the case, if the carbonate hardness (CH value) is low. Under these circumstances stagnation in the growth of oxygen producing plants is involved and algae will grow abundantly. 

CH-value: Carbonate hardness (CH value) is an important biological pillar in pond environment. If in a pond environment it is a question of optimum activity of micro-organisms and consequently there is sufficient CO2 production, whereas besides, calcium / magnesium are present, carbonate hardness will either be stable or show a slightly rising tendency. In this case the situation in question is designated as an environment, developing favourably. However, if the opposite occurs and the CH value is showing a decreasing tendency, it is a question of stagnation. 

GH value: To obtain a properly flourishing pond with limpid water and healthy plant growth, your pond should satisfy at least three factors. Besides active microorganisms and a sufficient number of plants, the hardness of the water should be correct. Most kinds of oxygen producing plants grow optimally in the pond if the general hardness (GH value) ranges between 8 and 12º GH. Higher values (especially those exceeding 14º GH) will cause growth problems. 

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