Water ornaments and pond water features

Pond water features like a water ornament is a beautifully designed water garden which gets things going in a garden, on a terrace or a balcony. It is nice on a beautiful summer’s day to listen to water which softly bubbles up out of a water source and flows down through a waterfall. Water ornaments and pond water features consequently are quite popular and they are available in many variants, sizes, kinds and materials.

For water ornaments you need a water reservoir in your garden. Being a pond lover you are disposing of course of such a reservoir and you will put your water ornaments near or in your pond. A durable pond pump will take care that the water can be circulated. Fill the water in your water ornament regularly in view of evaporation of the water, especially in summer. This will prevent the pump from running dry and it will consequently lengthen the lifetime of the pump.

Water ornaments and pond water features can be made from various materials. However, which material will suit your garden and what do you like? We are listing different materials below:

Water ornaments from wood

A wooden water garden will bring a lot of atmosphere everywhere in your garden. Besides wood is a product that is easy to process. Consequently there are many kinds of water ornaments available which are made from wood. This type of water ornament is satisfactory particularly in a romantic or flower garden. Wood is a natural product which, combined with water, might start rotting.

Water ornaments from stainless steel

A stainless steel water garden is very suitable for a modern and stark garden. Stainless steel needs little maintenance and will last very long indeed. Besides, it has a very luxurious radiation!

Water ornaments from van zinc or lead

Zinc water ornaments belong very much both in a classical and in a modern garden. Zinc is a
material which in the opinion of many people will weather in a beautiful manner. The ageing of a zinc water ornament can give your garden a nostalgic character. A disadvantage of zinc if it touches water is that small metal particles find their way into the water. Zinc is non poisonous for people, however, it is for the plants in the water.

Water ornaments from natural stone

Natural stone is beautiful, chic, strong as a lion, durably stable and quite low-maintenance . The disadvantage of a natural stone water ornament is that, especially if large ornaments are involved, it is very heavy and consequently difficult to displace. Natural stone usually is frost-proof, whereas a natural stone water garden needs not be displaced in winter.

Water ornaments from Terrazzo

Terrazzo has a luxurious appearance which fits nearly any type of garden. It is a waste mixture made from rock such as marble and granite. In spite of the fact that it is watertight, Terrazzo is, more or less porous. A disadvantage of a terrazzo water garden is its weight. Just like one of natural stone a water ornament from terrazzo is relatively heavy.

Water ornaments from Polyresin and polystone

The materials polyresin and polystone are based on synthetic resin compounds which combine small pieces of stone with each other. Polyresin and polystone are materials that are widely used for water ornaments, because with this material highly detailed water ornaments can be obtained. The material is relatively cheap and will last for a prolonged period of time. A polyresin water garden is, in spite of the fact that it is mainly made from synthetic, a qualitatively high-grade type of water ornament.

If you have a water ornament, green water and green deposit can mar it. To remove and prevent the deposit special algae resisting means have been developed. Once added to the water these means provide clear water for months and no deposit will form.

Water ornament or feature for inside

Water ornaments and features are to be had for inside too. They are all equipped with a Plug & Play system. The water in the water ornament itself is catched and circulated with a bilt-in water pump. However, the Plug and Play system you can also find in water ornaments for outside. For example the Waterfall is a Plug and Play water ornament both for inside and outside with room for plants in the middle of the ornament. Through the outer ring that water will flow over the edge of the pot.

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