Velda brings life to your pond

Everything that has to do something with ponds is our greatest passion. Pond water runs as it were in the blood of every Velda employee. Velda consequently sets itself the objective to make pond lovers optimally enjoy their ponds, applying high-quality pond products, which can be easily used. Velda has been doing this for over 40 years.

Velda is a market leader in the Benelux countries and it is an influential player on the market in different European countries. We are supplier of a large assortment of pond products, contributing to a positive pond perception. Already since its incorporation ‘innovation‘ is a key value at Velda. Velda wants to make pond perception within easy reach of anyone. Ranging from a mini pond on a terrace to lovely designed natural ponds or stark mirror ponds in your garden.

About 49 people are employed with Velda. They are all quite motivated and they are disposing of expert knowledge, thus contributing to Velda’s success. From the head office in Enschede we are supplying the garden branch in the Netherlands and in over 30 countries all over the world.

Velda & innovation

Velda is continuously on the search for improvement of its products, whereas it is also working on the development of new products and technologies. Already from the foundation of our company we have been focussing all our attention on the development of products which improve the quality of a pond. For example, our engineers developed already in 2002 a pressure filter with a large purifying capacity. To fight algae in order to clear pond water, we developed revolutionary techniques on the basis of mineralisation or ultraviolet radiation. Much developing work has been done for plant life in a pond. Examples include floating plant islands and floating plant baskets with built-in lighting. There are also various products to protect pond fish, ranging from simple reflectors to a high-tech ultrasonic heron scarer with electronic flash.

In order to safeguard the importance of innovation in our organization better still, we have created our own research department. Here we are studying, besides far-reaching technological development for ponds, also perception products for in and round ponds, including atmospheric lighting and a floating see-through ball meant to admire fish. Ponds are not all the same, however, for each pond problem Velda wants to offer a suitable solution.

Our history

The history of Velda starts in 1969. Being a lover of fish an aquaria, Velda founder, Mr F. Veldhuis, started a small aquarium shop in Enschede. His activities were extended through the years and in 1977 a production hall was put into use besides the shop. In the mid-seventies activities were extended with the production of aquarium products. In 1990 the headquarters of Velda were realised at De Giem in Enschede. In the autumn of 2011 the finishing touches were put to the latest new development, the total area of the complex of buildings 21,500 m2 now.  Velda has been a household word in pond biology for over 50 years.

Pond requirements

Under the Velda brand an assortment of pond requirements is being offered which distinguishes itself by its quality combined with convenience of use. Velda wants to pass on all knowledge it has to other pond lovers, so that they, just like the staff members of Velda, can enjoy wonderful ponds, which just need poor maintenance. Velda fulfils what it promises: ‘quality made with passion for ponds’. The past few years Velda has also been marketing pond related products, which are suitable for balconies, terraces or inside use. In this way we take advantage of the wishes of consumers who do not have a pond, however, who aspire to the perception of water.

Your privacy is important to us

As of 25 May 2018, our policy complies with the European Union's new general data protection regulation (GDPR). Velda has updated its privacy policy to provide you with more information about how Velda protects your privacy, including information about how you can exercise your rights relating to data.

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