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Tips for pond maintenance in the winter

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Pond tips for the winter Pond tips for the winter is the first blog we are writing in 2022! Even though the fish are not active, it is still very important to take care of your pond in the winter. You have to keep an eye on the pond, because… Read more

Pond tips for the autumn

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Throughout the summer, you have enjoyed your water garden. As days get shorter, it’s time for a ‘big clean up’ of your water garden. That helps your pond through the winter and reduces algae problems in spring. Velda makes things easy with the step-bystep guide for maintenance in autumn and… Read more

Getting ready for the pond season

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During the winter months, your pond is ‘at rest’. The fish are less active and less visible. But as soon as spring is on the way, you can start working on your water garden and your pond will soon be healthy again. Velda makes things easy with the step-by-step guide… Read more

Pond tips for the summer

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The summer months are often the months when you enjoy your pond most. You spend more time in the garden during the nice weather. The pond also requires relatively little upkeep in the summer. It is important to follow the usual routines, and to keep an eye on a few… Read more

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