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Velda wants to make ponds for everyone. We are always looking for new resellers and importers. Are you our new reseller/importer of our brands? contact us and we will inform you about the possibilities.

Drawing on years of experience with store displays, Velda works with you to develop shelf plans that respond to the needs of the consumer. Velda generates traffic and brings the ‘experience’ back to the pond department.
For you, Velda is a reliable supplier with a distinctive profile who ensures that your pond department generates profits in a long-term partnership.

All the benefits of the Velda formula

  • User-friendly quality products
  • Solutions for all pond problems
  • Years of experience in pond biology
  • Complete and wide product range
  • Attractive packaging and POS material
  • Up-to-date website for sales support
  • Instore merchandise boosts impulse buying
  • Fantastic offers and floor promotions

How do we reach consumers and generate turnover growth?

Customised presentation
The Velda instore concept includes a range of modules tailored to a range of product groups: plants, water, algae, fish, filtration, aeration, protection and experience. The various product groups can be recognised by the colours of the packaging, the shelf labels and all other POS materials. The large visuals on the shelf create calm, space and atmosphere. Velda completes the brand experience in the pool department with shelf cards, top cards, leaflets and pallet presentations. This in-store concept is our response to the new world of shopping!

Shelf plans are available for all product groups in high wall displays and gondolas varying from 1 to 4 metres. Customised solutions are also available if required. All the modules are presented in a coordinated way. A plan tailored to the space available in the pond department is always possible. We look forward to talking to you about the integral design of the pond department. We visualise these ideas in a detailed ground plan providing a clear overview of the shelf arrangement in product-group colours. The stocks in place are supplemented and integrated seamlessly in the new shelf plans. All the products are delivered in customised quantities, definitively making large quantities of remainders a thing of the past. Presentation options like a filter square, a substrate street, a fish-feed island, an experience stage and headline campaigns complete the pond departments and boost impulse purchases on the shop floor. By combining the shelf arrangement with a model pond, fish sale basins or plant tables, a perfect eye-catcher and an attraction are created.

Our staff will be happy to advise you about products, shelf concepts and POS, but also to lend a hand with the fulfilment of your plans in the shop. Because nothing can top a stylish pond department with optimal sales potential! Working with your staff, Velda can create the perfect pond experience and supply up-to-date offers on the shop floor throughout the year.

Velda portal for retailers

Velda retail customers can create an account at Here you will find detailed information about all pond products. Within your own online site you can order pond products, register warranties and download content.
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