Privacy statement

We request you to be so kind as to read through this privacy statement carefully. Opening, glancing through and / or downloading information of the present website means that you agree with the instructions for use described below.

Use of the present website

During your visit to the website of Velda BV, the latter may both directly and indirectly gather personal details about you. Velda BV will exclusively use these data for the purposes described in the present privacy statement. Besides, Velda BV will make every effort to protect the personal details gathered. The present privacy statement contains information about the aims Velda BV pursues when incorporating personal details.

Aims pursued when incorporating personal details

Velda BV gathers and incorporates data about customers and visitors of its website for the benefit of its management, in order to bring those products and services to your notice and make them available which can be of importance to you and to develop web statistics. The information supplied by you can be used to contact you, if necessary.

Changes in privacy statement

Velda BV reserves the right to make any changes to the present privacy statement, taking effect at once and without any notice. It is therefore advisable to consult the present privacy statement regularly so that you will be informed of the changes referred to above.