About a pond

There is a lot to say about ponds. From initial thoughts about installing a pond in your garden till maintenance of a large koi pond with a range of valuable fish. It is all about ponds. Let us first linger over different kinds and forms of ponds.

Kinds and forms of ponds

There are ponds in many kinds and sizes. Each of them has its unique characteristics. Before you start laying a pond it is important that you make a choice of different kinds of ponds. Do you want a shallow mirror pond or just a real fish pond? There are different kinds of ponds you can choose from.

If you have decided what type of pond you want, what do you choose? The form of a pond often depends on the available space in your garden and on the surrounding area in which your pond will be placed. For most ponds the form is not important, as long as a certain flow through is possible. Do you choose a round model? A square type? There are different forms to choose from.

Pond plants

Most ponds also contain pond plants. Except for koi ponds, because plants and koi do not go together. Pond plants are very important for a healthy pond. Properly growing plants absorb nutrients from water and release oxygen. In this way you keep a pond healthy and clear. The stronger a pond plant grows, the more nutrients it will absorb from the pond water. Biological functioning of a pond that is what it is all about.

Pond fish

Do you also want fish in your pond? If so, you should reckon with proper living conditions and healthy pond water. How many fish can your pond hold? We always say: per 1,000 litres of water, 20 in length of fish. Most fish species can be held in a pond at the same time.

Build a pond

A pond really makes atmosphere in a garden. If you want to build a pond, you should think about a number of things. You should consider the kind of pond, the place where your pond should be built and the cost.

Do you want to gather some ideas meanwhile and to be inspired? In that case just have a look at our pond examples.

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