Large pond basin

Large pondA large pond has many advantages. In large ponds having a contents of 1000 litres or more the biological equilibrium will be quite stable with the lapse of time. Especially a larger depth – from 40 inches to 60 inches – is extra favourable. The larger the pond, the more fish you can keep. In a large pond with fish a technically high-grade filter equipment should be installed, having a large capacity. In a large pond with a normal stock of fish you can easily keep the water clean when applying many water plants.

Water plants in a large pond

When collecting water plants for a large pond, you need not take account of the size of a plant or of water plants which become too large. It also does not matter whether certain species of plants are growing too fast or whether they overgrow other plants. The pond plants in a large pond have room to grow.

The lesser reed mace (Typha angustifolia) is suitable for larger ponds. Use large plant baskets in which you can put the water plants on the bottom. Plant the lesser reed mace along the waterside at a water depth of up to 2 to 6 inches. In May all kinds of reed mace will flower, forming light brown flowers, developing into deep brown, chocolate coloured seed heads, also called cigars.

Water lilies are useful plants for a pond. Their leaves offer protection to fish. In summer they ensure that the water will not become too hot. Besides lilies keep the light in check as a result of which algae will grow less hard.
There are special water lilies for larger ponds, having a depth up to 48 inches and water surface of at least 5 square yards.

Filtration of a large pond

For a large pond you need a filter system which supplies enough capacity. Special filters have been developed to this end. These filters are often equipped with thermal protection, they are watertight and they have ceramic bearings. As a result of this they have very long lifetime and they can supply the capacity wanted smoothly. Besides you can couple these filters to one or more other filters in order to increase capacity.

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