Maintenance june

Maintenance June

The summer begins in June.  This is the time to enjoy the sunny days and long evenings by the pond. But this is also the time for pond maintenance. Now the pond is at its best and nature shows its best side. Birds, butterflies, and dragonflies visit your garden and are happy with the water feature. Enjoyment of the pond is therefore paramount, but do keep an eye on the weather forecast. High temperatures, dry periods, but also heavy rain, and thunderstorms are points of attention for the pond owner.

The oxygen plants in the pond keep the water clear and free from algae. Important for the growth of these plants is the acid-binding capacity of the water. Increase the carbonate hardness of the pond water with KH Plus and add CO2 Tabs for good-growing oxygen plants. Water lilies and pond plants grow and bloom abundantly now. Give them additional nutrition by adding a Ferro Plus iron supplement to the pond water.

Plants maintenance

The plants in the pond grow massively towards the water surface. It is wise to thin out the pond plant if the water surface threatens to become overgrown. Reduce the number of lily pads by cutting them off below the water level. It is preferred to use special tools for this. Lily leaves that are grown too close together will protrude above the water, making them more susceptible to the lily bug and more likely to die.

Water maintenance

During the growth month, many pollen and other dust are blown onto and into the pond. We recommend keeping the surface of the pond clear with the aid of a surface suction device, e.g. a Pond Skimmer. Make sure that the KH value or carbonate hardness remains high enough during this period. This results in crystal clear water and prevents algae growth. The KH value determines the ‘acid-binding capacity’, which in turn is important for the growth of oxygen plants.

Feeding fish in the summer

Feed the pond fish abundantly in summer.  You can feed your fish several times a day when the water temperature is above 15°C. However, do not overfeed them, as the fish food should be eaten within a few minutes. Food that is not eaten eventually sinks and is a food source for algae in the pond. Several small portions a day are better than a lot of food in one go.

An automatic feeder at the pond is a useful tool in the summer. A fish feeder provides several measured portions of food per day, up to 20 feedings per day. A fish feeder takes care of the complete feeding needs of your fish; convenient for daily use and ideal during holidays. All you need to do is top up the food tank in time.

Tip: The third Sunday in June is Father’s Day! Put your father in the spotlight with a surprise for the pond, such as a handy Fish Feeder, Floating Fish Dome, or another pond accessory. Visit our website and get inspired!

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