Bottom drain

A bottom drain is a drain connected to pond filter. The dirt sediment on the bottom is consequently removed and transported directly through the drain. When installing a pond the drain should be placed on the deepest point of the pond. Especially in case of strained koi ponds this is a popular method to remove waste material. Bottom sludge is disastrous for clear water and a pathogen for your fish.

Owing to the water pressure the water containing dirt will flow by itself through the drain into the multi-chamber filter. The pump will be dry position, after the filter, to return the filtered water to the pond. Applying a drain, the filter will always be filled with water, even if there would be loss of supply.

Tips for the use of bottom drains

  • Do not connect more than 4 bottom drains to one vortex.
  • Take care of funnel action, since the bottom drain lying on the deepest point.
  • A bottom drain placed, the dotted lines indicate the idea a funnel effect.
  • Do not place the bottom drains too close to the pond wall.