Water plants

Water plants are all plants that (completely immersed or not) grow in water. Of course all plants growing in salt (sea)water belong to them too. Half a century ago their choice was very limited and original wild forms were in the lead (apart from waterlilies, which were cultivated much earlier already; think of the paintings by Monet). This has changed in high speed. Sweetwater plants are divided in two main groups: waterplants and and marginal aquatics and/or bog plants.

Water plants are grouped as:

  1. Submerged plants (amongst them lots of oxygen-producers) which grow immersed and floating in the water or have their roots in the soil;
  2. Deep-water aquatics (like waterlilies) with their leaves floating on the water. Some produce submerged laeves in another shape. They root in the soil in often rather deep water;
  3. Floating aquatics (think of Duckweed) which float on the water-surface too, but don’t root in the soil.

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