Maintenance august

Maintenance August

The month of August is not so different from July as far as the pond is concerned. Water temperatures can also be relatively high in this month. In the morning there can be oxygen deficiency in the pond due to the growth of aquatic plants. At night, no oxygen is produced by the oxygen plants while the other plants do absorb oxygen. Water movement by means of a pond pump or air pump can prevent oxygen deficiency.

Algae grow quickly due to the warm weather and particularly in bright sunlight. We recommend you to clean the pump regularly and remove algae with a scoop net. Thin out the oxygen plants and remove spent flowers and brown leaves from the water lilies and marsh plants. Special maintenance tools can be of great help here.

Water parameters

During this period, keep a close eye on the water hardness and the carbonate hardness. Test these values regularly and, if necessary, increase them with special agents. You can also use the special Pond Test App to determine and store the water values.

We also recommend you to check whether the pond filter still provides sufficient water. If necessary rinse out or replace the filter material. Use good quality filter carbon, which can also be used to filter colourings and phenols from the water.


Check whether the pond filter still has a sufficient amount of water. If necessary, you should rinse or replace the filter material. To obtain crystal clear pond water you are advised to use good quality of filter carbon, for example Active Filter Carbon. Using this carbon, you can even remove colorings and phenols from the pond water.


Fish will grow well now. Their range of coloring is developing and their condition for the coming winter months is being built up. Therefore feed your fish liberally. However, you should take care that no feed is lost. Young herons will have fledged and have to look for their own feed now. They are active especially early in the morning and during twilight. Therefore protect your pond fish.

Overview of maintencance in August

To make things easier for you, we provide a brief overview of the most important maintenance tasks in August:

  • Keep a close eye on the water level and hardness of your pond
  • Prune floating plants, water plants and lilies regularly
  • Ensure adequate oxygen in the pond by aerating it
  • Protect fish from herons and other hunters

We hope you enjoy many beautiful pond days this month!

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