Algae eater or Gobi

A Gobi has a small brown bobby with black patterns. As this fish is living in its natural habitat close to the soil, often under orfe between stones, it is duly camouflaged there.

algae_eaterIn nature a Gobi will grow to a length of maximum 5 to 6 in; in a pond it will be somewhat smaller. They can reach an age of about maximum 5 years. A Gobi is sometimes sold as an algae eater. However, it is not a real algae eater, it mainly lives on insects, worms and little snails.

Locally a pond should be 28 in deep enabling this fish to hibernate and in other places it should be shallow (8 in) for mating. A powerful filter is necessary because this fish likes clean water with a little flowing. You should keep them in a school of at least 6 specimens, however do not put them together with too big fish. A Gobi is sometimes sold as an algae eater. However, it is not a real one. It lives chiefly on insects, worms and snails.


Name: Algae eater or Gobi
Length: 5 to 6 in
Appearance:  Greyish-brown
Age: 5 years
Feed: Insects, worms, snails and feeding additionally with high-grade quality of feed, containing vitamins and minerals
Pond: Minimum depth 28 in, locally 8 in for mating purposes. Put this fish in a group of at least 6 specimens
Protection:  Not necessary


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