Becoming a dealer for Velda

Velda is a producer and supplier of a wide assortment of pond products which contribute to a positive pond perception. Velda is a market leader in the Benelux area and influential market player worldwide.

“Anything which has something to do with ponds is our biggest passion. All of our employees have, as it were, pond water in their blood. We consequently set ourselves the objective to make pond owners enjoy their ponds optimally.”

Pond requirements

afvullijn veldaVelda has a large assortment of pond requirements which distinguishes itself by high-quality combined with convenience of use. Our pond products for pond water, plants and fish we develop and produce in our own premises. Already since its establishment innovation has been a key issue of Velda. To this end Velda has its own research department. Besides far-reaching technological developments for pond products, also attention is paid to perceptual products for in and round ponds.

Advantages of Velda

The dealership of Velda has many advantages. We support our wherever we can:

  • Complete assortment for total organization of a pond department
  • Assistance, design and organization of a pond department, including POS materials
  • Shelf concepts to size by means of Spaceman
  • Image bank with all product texts and pictures plus web feed
  • Easy ordering by means of an ordering app
  • Good guarantee terms and conditions
  • Extensive customer service and after sales service
  • Private field organization
  • Quick delivery from private stock
  • Private R&D department for new and innovative products
  • Inspiring showroom in Enschede
  • Advertising in national trade journals and supporting TV programs

Mail us!

If you want to get more information about a dealership of Velda or if you want to become a dealer of Velda, send an email to We will contact you by return.

Your privacy is important to us

As of 25 May 2018, our policy complies with the European Union's new general data protection regulation (GDPR). Velda has updated its privacy policy to provide you with more information about how Velda protects your privacy, including information about how you can exercise your rights relating to data.

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