Pond fish

Pond fish


Your pond fish revive the pond and usually make it more amusing to look at. It is quite logical that pond owners add fish to their pond, most times without thinking. Sometimes even at once after installing it. It is very important to consider in advance what pond fish you are going to introduce to your pond. What species of pond fish do you choose? How many? What are the conditions under which they will have to live later? Not all fish are suitable for ale ponds. Did you know, for example, that a sturgeon can not swim backwards and consequently it is not suitable for a pond with many plants, in which they will get trapped?! Koi will loosen pond plants, reason why in koi ponds you can grow pond plants at most in floating baskets?! It is therefore important to think first about the species of pond fish you want in your pond.

If you have just built your pond or are you still busy doing it?

Do not introduce fish at once after filling it with water. Reason is, that your pond has not yet reached its equilibrium, whereas the tap water used is not yet suitable for fish to live in. The water should first turn into pond water, which will take some time. By the way, golden orfes and shubunkins are ideal fish to start with. They are active, they look fine and they do not make high demands.

Pond fish are also considerable pollutants of the pond water

All that litter should be treated and removed, if not, the pond will loose its biological equilibrium and problems will arise, like algae or diseases in fish. To prevent this it is almost always necessary to apply some form of filtering, in order to keep quality to the level. Just a little pump or fountain witch will keep the water moving will absolutely not suffice then!

When building your pond you should reckon with any fish

Not only with respect to plants and filters, but also with regard to the depth of the pond. Such with respect to hibernation or mating of fish and allowing for the number of fish. Rule of thumb for the number of pond fish is: maximum 20 in fish length per 1,000 litres of pond water.

Pond fish should also be (additionally) fed

Not any kind of fish feed is suitable for any fish. Koi, for example, want feed which contains chicory components. This is enormous effective for the digestion and the well-being of koi. Goldfish and golden orfes prefer easily digestible feed. To all types of fish feed applies that quality feed, containing sufficient vitamins and minerals is to be recommended, which guarantees that resistance of your pond fish will always be kept to the level.

If it should occur that, in spite of this, your pond fish should fall ill some time, it is useful if you know what diseases in fish there are, how you recognize the symptoms, what you can do about it and how you can prevent the diseases in pond. Anyway most diseases in fish can be fought excellently without lasting effects for your fish.

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