Pond pumps

Pond pumps

Pond pumps provides a healthy and clear pond. Thus pond fish and water plants find the pond more to their liking and you will be confronted with fewer diseased fish and less pond maintenance. Often too many fish are swimming in the pond. As a result of this the water is becoming dirty and fish will get insufficient oxygen. If you take care that the water is filtered and oxygen rich, this need not be a problem. A pond pump ensures circulation of oxygen rich water and in this way you will keep your pond clean and healthy.
For ponds the following pumps are used:

Kinds of pond pumps

As said before there are different types of pumps used for garden ponds. One pump is put in the pond, the other near it. There is also a difference in capacity and thus in energy consumption. A waterfall, a stream or fountain will get the water on the move, so that oxygen from the air will find its way to the pond water. However, a waterfall needs a different pump than a fountain. For a fountain you should preferably use a low-energy fountain pump to achieve a splashy effect. If you want a waterfall or a stream, you need a strong pond pump, like a dirty water pump.

If you do not want a fountain or a waterfall in your garden, you can of course also opt for a common air pump. It will take care of a constant and sufficient supply of oxygen in your pond, whereas the water will remain free of ice in winter.

If you want to pump your pond out a submersible pump will be very convenient. This pump has been developed especially to pump water out of ponds, however, it is also used to suck water out of cellars or swimming pools.


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