Pond lights

Increases pond fun, use pond lights

Lighting-sfeerEnjoying still a long time after sunset the special atmosphere round the water garden. Who does not want that?! Pond lights and underwater lighting at night will offer ample view in a pond to fish and pond plants. Besides lighting will increase safety. Applying lighting in a fountain or water ornament will offer a spectacular effect. Modern LED lights have a long useful life, they are easy to use and very low in energy. So that everyone can enjoy a beautifully lighted pond in their garden.

Pond lights are safe

In winter, when it is too cold outside to enjoy your pond, atmospheric lighting will provide
an warm glow round a water garden. During dark winter months a lighted surface will prevent you from getting wet feet, or even worse. Especially if a pond is situated close to a terrace or aisle, lighting provides atmosphere and also safety.

Big choice of pond lighting

There are many forms of pond lighting: varying from water tight led-strips and spots to floating light objects of many kinds and sizes. Especially for ponds there is a lighted floating plant basket which will be shining above and below water surface. Subtle underwater lighting yields an immense light effect, even in a small terrace pond.

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