Maintenance march

Maintenance March

Advice on maintenance

When spring arrives ponds and their fish need maintainance. You can help the pond and the fish to get started after winter time with the advice and products of Velda. One of the products that can help you maintaine the pond after the winter is Biofit. Biofit neutralizes the substances that have accumulated in the pond during the winter. It also strengthens the adhesive skin of the pond fish so that they quickly regain their strength after the long winter.

Pond fish in March

The ods of the fish showing themselves is bigger when the temperature rises. Feeding every other day is sufficient when the water temperature is below 9°C. This is a good time to check them for signs of illness by observing them. Fish with frayed fins, open gills, white or dark tips and parasites require treatment. The products from the Sanikoi pharmacy come in handy by handling these problems.

But there are more symptoms that indicate sick fish. Use the diagnosis form to recognize the condition and find the right fish medicine. In addition to these fast-acting remedies for fish diseases, you will find a complete line of quality foods at Sanikoi to keep all fish in the pond healthy.

Pond maintenance in March

At the end of the winter, organic dirt accumulates in the pond. Dead plants and blown-in leaves slowly sink to the bottom where it forms a substantial layer of sludge. This sediment is a food source for algae. Fortunately, you don’t have to put in a lot of effort to get rid of it.  The solution is 100% natural, so very sustainable for your pond and the environment. Use Sludge Cleaner to break down pond sludge and prevent soil acidification. In this way you limit the chance of algae growth in the spring.

Tip: check the hardness of water

Remove bottom sludge already in March by adding Bio-Oxidator to the pond water. Moreover it is important to check the hardness of the water now. Velda Tests are among the most accurate that are to be had worldwide. The hardness should be at least JH 8° GH.



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