Pond basin

Pond basins

If you are going to build a pond in your garden, you may choose from using a liner pond or a preformed pond basin. When you do not want a pond designed by your own, you might consider to purchase a ready-to-use pond. If a liner pond is at stake you reserve all freedom in the design.

Advantages of a preformed pond basin

A preformed synthetic pond basin has several advantages. Such basin can be installed more quickly and simply than in case pond liner is used. Besides the bottom and sidewalls have been made such that it has been amply allowed for the profile and the plant depths of the pond. A synthetic pond basin is more expensive in most cases than the use of a liner pond. Besides you are bound by certain fixed shapes and a relatively small size.

A small pond basin can be installed in many places. For example round a garden, a terrace and even indoor and on a balcony. It has a lightweight, so it can be moved easily, everything is possible!

HDPE pond basin

HDPE ponds are ready-to-use pond basins which are made to size in the factory from so-called HDPE, High Density Poly Ethylene synthetic plates. This synthetic is of high-grade quality, it is resistant to UV and ozone radiation and its lifetime is very long indeed. These synthetic ponds can be made in almost any size, form or model. Square, rectangular, round, oval, L-form or according your own design. The walls and /or bottom can be provided with different kinds of connections for example for filter bushings, drains, skimmers and built-in lighting. These connections are welded in the walls by the supplier and they are guaranteed leakage free.

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