Dirty water pump for in your pond

Dirty water pumps transfer water containing dirt particles without getting clogged up. You use these pumps as circulation pump or if you want a waterfall in your pond. They will keep the water moving. It is advisable to place the dirty water pump as deep as possible in the pond but never in the bottom sludge.

How does a dirty water pump work?

A dirty water pump stands underwater and will transport water through a hose to a filter. The pump should stand as deep in the water as possible and the return hose should be as far away from the pump as possible. In this way you achieve the best possible water circulation, which is important for a proper distribution of nutrients and CO2 to the water plants. As a result of this plants will optimally grow and algal growth will be prevented. In this way you will also obtain a clean waterfall or stream.

Purchasing a dirty water pump

Dirty water pumps functions every day, year after year. Therefore it is important that you purchase a pump, which has a long lifetime. The easiest thing to do is to opt for a pump with a complete filter set. Doing this, you are ready in no time whereas you need not gather different parts.

Connecting a dirty water pump is not difficult. If you purchase a proper pump, a clear and useful manual will always accompany it.

What do you need to know more?

  • A dirty water pump is strong, quiet and its energy consumption is low.
  • It is simple to demount for cleaning up.
  • Dirty water pumps hardly need any maintenance.

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