Pond safety and child proof

A pond and water life have an enormous attraction for people and certainly also for children. So safety is an issue. Of course children are alerted to the danger of water and you will familiarize them with the pond. However, also boy and girl friends will come and play in your garden. They are not always familiarized with a pond. For playing children, who have free access to a pond, always dangerous situations can occur.

You will never be able to make a pond really child proof. However, there are a number of tips which contribute to making a pond suitable for children and more child proof:

  • Take care that the pond is clearly visible. Pond lighting will help in this respect in the dark months.
  • NEVER leave children alone near a pond.
  • Lay an elevated pond or raise its sides.
  • Put a railing fence round your pond. Doing this, leave some space to walk and sit near your pond so that you still can enjoy your pond.
  • Do not let the children feed the fish, even if they like to do that.
  • Cover the pond

The above tips are no guarantee that nothing will happen, however, they can make a pond more suitable for children.

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