Maintenance july

Maintenance July

During this high summer month plants will grow optimally and water lilies are in full bloom. Regularly cut finished water lilies away. This will be for the benefit of flowering. Also prune other pond plants and keep some open water. You can put these plants next to the pond for a while so insects can find their way back to the pond.

Lily beetle

LeliekeverDuring this period water lilies are endangered by the so-called lily beetle. The larvae of these beetles attack the inner side of the leaves, which results in their turning brown dying quickly. The only solution is to cut off and remove any leaves attacked regularly, using special equipment, for example the Duo Pond Tool. The sooner you do this in a logical way, the less you will suffer inconvenience.

Oxygen in the pond water

Owing to luxuriant growth especially of oxygen producing plants, lack of oxygen may arise easily during the morning hours. The reason is that at night no oxygen is produced, whereas the plants do absorb oxygen. In that case an air pump will be the solution.

Also carefully watch water hardness and carbonate hardness during this period. Test these values and increase them, if necessary, with special means like KH Plus and GH Plus.


During this month the temperature of the pond water may rise too as much as 20 °C. Warmer water will contain less oxygen. Moving water by means of a pond pump or an air pump can prevent any lack of oxygen. Owing to higher water temperatures fish will have more need for feed now. You may therefore feed your fish liberally. Administer every now and then a few rain worms and some pre-soaked lettuce. The fish like that.

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