Square pond basin

One of the simplest and most popular shapes of pond is the square pond. It is a form which does not fit in with every garden. If you have a quite natural garden, you should rather consider a different form. You will usually find such a pond in a starkly designed garden. A square pond can be constructed easily. A square pond allows you to go at once into the depth easily from the brim. This is the reason why this pond model is often used if you have little room but still want to install a deep pond. For example considering the kinds of fish you want to keep.

A disadvantage of the square pond form is that there is always accumulation of dirt in the corners. This accumulation of dirt is not beneficial to fish. A too high nitrite and ammonia content may form. You can solve this problem, for example, by placing square floating plant baskets in the corners.
In this way you can fill the corners attractively and you will prevent accumulation of dirt.

You can border a square or stark pond in an appropriate way with a stark pond side. Natural stone lends itself very well to such a stark brim finish.

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