Hexamita or hole in the head disease

Hexamita or hole in the head disease in pond fish and also in koi can be recognized by round spots on the body of a fish. In all cases this affection is a bacterial infection. Affection by hole in the head disease may occur by bad resistance of a fish, in combination with bad quality of water. The pathogenic organisms, which cause hole in the head disease are always present in a pond. If the mucous layer of a fish has been attacked, for example owing to a too high nitrate content of the water, it may occur that bacteria can lodge on the skin of fish. This may cause hole in the head disease too.

Treatment of hole in the head disease

Special medicines are available for treatment of hole in the head disease. When applying them simultaneously refresh two thirds (2/3) of pond water. A properly functioning filter, provided with activated carbon brings relief because carbon can purify water from all kinds of micro dust parts. Also various pathogenic organisms are filtered out with it. Preventing the presence of hole in the head disease is possible by taking care that fish will dispose of and keep sufficient resistance. It is absolutely necessary to feed the fish in your pond on high grade fish feed.

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