Pond tips for the summer

The summer months are often the months when you enjoy your pond most. You spend more time in the garden during the nice weather. The pond also requires relatively little upkeep in the summer. It is important to follow the usual routines, and to keep an eye on a few things

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Floating glass light balls

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the special atmosphere at the waterside long after sunset! The light balls are made of clear glass with a core of glass fibers. Three watertight spheres float on the pond and spread a sparkling light effect.

Floating Glass Lights

Maintenance august

As far as the pond is concerned this month does not differ very much from the month of July. Also during this month water temperatures can be relatively high. So, remember the oxygen content and…

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Fish and oxygen

The weather has been wonderful in the past few days, with temperatures topping 30 degrees in some places. Of course, we all enjoy this beautiful summer weather. But a few days of summer can raise the temperature of your pond water as well.

A point of attention

Testing pond water with an app

It is important to check the hardness of the water now. Velda has revolutionized water testing and can turn your smartphone into your personal water test center by means of a free app.

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Pond supplies

To secure a healthy and clear pond, diffe-rent pond products and pond supplies can be used. You can purchase pond supplies when building your pond or you can apply them in an existing pond. For, a garden pond is more than just a container of water.

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Pond fish

Your Pond fish revive pond and usually make it more amusing to look at. It is quite logical that pond owners add fish to their pond, most times without thinking. What species of pond fish do you choose?

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Pond maintenance

If you have a pond in your garden, you have to maintain it every now and then. Pond maintenance will differ from time to time, depending on the season. In spring and in summer a lot of maintenance work has to be done.

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About a pond

There is a lot to say about ponds. From initial thoughts about installing a pond in your garden till maintenance of a large koi pond with a range of valuable fish. It is all about ponds. Let us first linger over different kinds and forms of ponds.

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