Once a pond has been sunk, we also want to plant fish as quickly as possible. The supply of various kinds of fish is enormous, but no matter the type we choose, one thing is sure: additional feeding is necessary almost daily. Supplementary feeding will improve the condition of the fish and it has a favourable effect on their liveliness, colouring and resistance against diseases

Koi food

If you want to increase the colouring of your koi, then you are advised to use koi food, to which Spirulina algae have been added,… More Koi food

Sturgeon feed

A sturgeon needs special sturgeon feed, because its mouth is at the underside. Sinking feed is concerned here, which has a very strong odour, to… More Sturgeon feed

Protection Devices

In a watery country, the great blue heron often is an unwanted guest on pond sides. Colourful fish in a clear pond are an easy… More Protection Devices

Feeding Devices

Especially for lovers of koi sophisticated feeding for this kind of fish is important to obtain optimum growth and range of colouring. As all the… More Feeding Devices

Cure for ponds

Brings the fish in top condition More Cure for ponds


If any problems should occur in the field of diseases. SaniKoi also has a large assortment of medicines, by which they can be remedied quickly… More Medicaments

Fish Feed

The wide feed assortment of Velda will ensure stable growth, a beautiful range of colouring and optimum health. More Fish Feed