SaniKoi Excellent All-Round

Feed for excellent growth an natural colours

SaniKoi Excellent All-Round

SaniKoi Excellent All-Round is top quality food for Japanese koi and different valuable cypriniformes. It is floating food that may help to promote excellent growth and a natural range of colouring. The main ingredients, consisting of fish based products, vegetable proteins, fats and carbohydrates, have been supplemented with krill meal. Special attention has been given to the added trace elements and vitamins, including stabilized vitamin C. In order to benefit lively bright colours Astaxanthine has been added to the food. SaniKoi Food is a floating staple food which is used at water temperatures from 12 °C. It is advisable to feed several times a day. Take care that the food will be digested within 5 minutes. Owing to the special composition of the food the water will not get turbid and pond environment as well as the filter will practically not be polluted.

  • Available in 3, 6 and 8 mm, in upright bags of 1 & 3 l and bags of 10 & 20 l.

Excellent All-Round contains:
• Astaxanthine.
• Krill meal.

Complete animal feed for fish. Contains fish meal and/or fish solubles, do not feed to ruminants. Contains preservatives, antioxidants and colourants.

Composition: wheat, fish meal, sunflower meal, wheat gluten, soya protein concentrate, lecithin, monocalcium phosphate, pepper, algae, krill meal, inulin and yeast.

Crude protein 45%
Crude fat 7%
Crude fibre 2%
Crude ash 9,4%
Phosphorous 1,2%
Calcium 1,7%
Sodium 0,3%
Iron 75 mg
Iodine 5 mg
Copper 5 mg
Manganese 20 mg
Zinc 80 mg
Vitamin A 26.000 IU
Vitamin C 360 mg
Vitamin E 400 mg
Vitamin D3 2420 IU

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