Pond maintenance

If you have a pond in your garden, you have to maintain it every now and then. Pond maintenance will differ from time to time, depending on the season. In spring and in summer a lot of maintenance work has to be done. New plants, feed fish, make and keep the water clear, etc. In autumn and winter it is mainly a question of keeping the pond liveable. Dead plant parts and blown in leaves should be removed before they will be lying on the bottom of your pond during the whole winter. Do not let the pond water freeze over enabling fish and other occupants of the pond to hibernate.

Testing pond water

Regularly testing the pond water will help you to maintain your pond in the right way. Different pond tests are available to this end. For example you can keep your pond algae-free. If the water should still turn green once, there are various solutions to make your pond algae-free and clear again. Good bacteria are playing an important role here.

If you want to know what pond maintenance you can carry out throughout the year? Watch our pond calendar. Per month or period we mention what maintenance your pond needs.

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