Repair a leaky pond

If your pond is leaking and is losing water, the thing is to repair it as quickly as possible. The causes of a leakage in your pond or pond foil are countless. Just imagine a sharp little point, making a tiny hole the liner (by a heron, for example) or the displacing of a duct owing to a small subsidence of the ground. In most cases you can not prevent leakage in your pond. Pond repair is the motto. A leakage in a pond may occur in several places:

  • In the pond liner
  • In a feed or discharge duct
  • At the connection between a duct and the pump or the filter.

Tracing a pond leakage

To trace and find a leakage in your pond is often a difficult job. In case of a leakage the water will go down to a certain level. If you search the water surface on the level where it remains, you should be able to find the leakage on that level. If the leakage has been isolated, it will be quite simple to repair it with a repair kit. It may also be possible that a waterfall or stream loses water, as a result of which the water level of the pond will go down quickly. There you should inspect these pond elements too and repair any leakage, if necessary.

Attention! Plants on the edge of a pond which are hanging in the water can be the disadvantageous cause of decreasing the water level of a pond considerably during summer months, without a leaking pond being involved.

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