Pond soil

The pond bottom is the nutrient medium of your pond. It is quite logic that you want to pay attention to this. One the one hand the nutrient medium is of importance for the development of micro-organisms, and on the other the pond soil should contain enough nutrients for optimum and constant growth of your pond plants.

When constructing your pond it’s important to built up the bottom of the pond already. You should do this prior to filling the pond. Installing for example a pond pump or fountain will proceed more easily then. Applying gravel to the pond soil is a much used solution. To this end you should always use washed gravel. The application of pond soil in the pond will provide a proper nutrient medium for the planting in the pond. Never use fertilized garden mould in the pond. Owing to the high concentration of nutrients an explosion of algal growth will occur. You should always use pond substrate to this end.

Pond substrate for the pond soil

Pond substrate has been specially developed for a pond. The substrate has an open structure and a large internal surface area. In this way maximum growth of micro-organisms is achieved. Besides, a sophisticated composition with minerals and trace elements will guarantee a strong and constant growth of water lilies and marsh plants. Ponds that are laid out with this pond substrate ensure a quicker development of a biological equilibrium, which finally results in a clear water garden.

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