Pond fountains

If you think of a pond, you often also think of a fountain. Pond fountains are one of the most popular accessories which you purchase if you want to extend your pond. A fountain in a pond functions with a pond pump. The pond water is sucked in and subsequently driven upwards. Usually you can purchase the equipment as a complete set. The capacity of a pond pump is coupled with the maximum elevating height and the height of the fountain. The larger the capacity of the pond pump the higher the water can be pushed up.

Different forms of fountains

pond pump arrangementThe special thing about a fountain are the nozzles with which it is equipped. For every spray nozzle there is a separate head, however, some fountains can produce several forms. The most popular nozzle form is the so-called ‘volcano’, the pond water being really spit out as it occurs in a volcano. A fountain may also be formed by a single or several jets of water. Then the water will be pushed upwards from a single nozzle. For fountains having the form of a water bubble a different technique is used. The nozzle of the fountain is situated at a further distance over the water surface , so that a bubble form is created on top. In some cases the height van be set by hand with the help of an adjustable valve and a rising pipe.

If you have a terrace fountain, green water and deposit can mar the fountain. To remove and prevent any deposit, special resisting algae means have been developed. If they are added to the fountain the water will remain clear for many months and deposit will not develop.

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