Tapeworm, also referred to as tape worms belong to the species of round worms or Nematodes. They lodge in the intestines of fish. As the name explains they look like threads. They may differ in length from a few millimetres to some centimetres. In contradistinction to parasites the worms are male or female. This means that they need each other to propagate. As a result of this multiplication of tapeworms proceeds less quickly. The worms often use living feed as intermediate host. These worms can get into touch with fish through birds or living feed. Symptoms of infection by Tapeworm can be: discolouration of the body, reduced appetite and getting thinner of a fish, notwithstanding the fact that it eats well. Besides, the colour of the defecation of the fish may change an look slimy.

Treat tapeworm

The worms can be prevented by annually administering a worm course of treatment to fish. Excellent means are available to this end. A fish which has been infected already can be treated with the same means.

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