Filtration & Aeration

Pure water is important for the condition of aquatic plants, pond fish and micro-organisms. Even if a pond has been properly laid out, problems may arise, which upset the biological balance. For many ponds a filter brings relief.

Pressure Filters

The Pressure Filters can withstand high pressure, so they are ideal for ponds with a waterfall. More Pressure Filters

Biological Filters

The mechanical and biological operation of the filter materials, the possibility to treat the water simultaneously against floating algae and pathogens. More Biological Filters

Surface Filters

A clear and dust-free water surface is a prerequisite for lovely appearance of the pond. More Surface Filters

Filter materials

Filter materials are finally are decisive for the quality of the water. More Filter materials

UV-C Unit

Velda has special building-in UV C Units. More UV-C Unit


Even when your pond is properly equipped situations can arise to disrupt the biological balance. More Pumps


To obtain a good biological environment, in which fish and plants thrive excellently, it is necessary for many garden ponds to apply aeration in the… More Aeration